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Pakistani Nukes

Posted by TP on Monday, November 19, 2007

To the delight of the US and British governments, its media has often reported that the political turmoil in Pakistan poses little risk to its nuclear arsenal. The conventional thinking, or as they would like us all to believe, is that Pakistan’s 200 warheads are scattered, possibly even dismembered, rendering the possibility of their capture and inadvertent launch or detonation highly unlikely, if not impossible.

This thinking is so ridiculous that it may embolden those the world over that have long suspected that the “free” media in the US and UK are in fact controlled by those governments.

What value is any nation’s nuclear arsenal if it will take days to put it all together to launch. The US has relied on its triad of “hair trigger” ready to deliver arsenal of nuclear deterrent for over fifty years. Unlike the US, Pakistan actually borders its primary historical, cultural and military rival (India) with whom it has engage in direct armed conflict on four occasions since 1947. Only a blind fool in a hurry would believe that the Pakistani nuclear deterrent is packed safely away in pieces and or in disparage locations throughout the country.

In its summary conclusion to the events of September 11, 2001 in the US, the 9/11 Commission determined that it was “a failure of imagination” on the part of US agencies and its lead officials (in both the Clinton and Bush administrations) as the single biggest cause for that catastrophe. The lesson of history is that it repeats itself. Those that fail to learn from its lessons are indeed condemned to its consequences.


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“Terrorist are trying to take over my country”

Posted by TP on Friday, October 19, 2007

So declared Ms Benazir Bhutto, and that’s was before yesterday’s attempt on her life. Ms Bhutto is not naïve; she made statement knowing the consequences. She is very fortunate to be reading about it today. Hundreds of her supporters were not so lucky.

Pro-Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud and al Qaeda are believed to be behind a suicide bomb attack that left 136 innocent citizens dead and another 250 wounded. Many of those wounded are so seriously injured that, if they survive, will be left horribly disfigured for the remainder of their lives; a living advertisement to all of the cost of confronting the Taliban and their supports. The time and place of Ms Bhutto’s arrival has been known for some time, this was not an opportunistic event.

The US Congress is often quick to harshly criticize Pakistan and in particular President Musharraf for their efforts (read: meaning lack there of) to control Mehsud and his local affiliates. Their overly used stock barbs never acknowledge the associated local human and political costs. And why would they – the cost to their citizenry is not their concern. This callousness is typical of the attitude US politicians, Democratic and Republicans, have with respect to the life and death challenges millions of people face everyday for simply being an “ally of the US”.

Lets have a go at some reality. Consider that “world famous” fiasco at Waco, Texas. Now instead of that one lighted armed house in the middle of nowhere, imagine an area the relative size of (to the US) the State of California fully armed and supportive of someone the national government was seeking to arrest. Does that sounds like child play to you?

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