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French President Sarkozy and wife announce split – a forerunner of what is to come for the US?

Posted by TP on Thursday, October 18, 2007

The US may be getting accustomed to the idea that in 2008 there may be a “First Man” rather than the traditional First Lady, but are they ready for a separated presidential couple? We can argue that it does not matter, or shouldn’t, but the fact is it does and it will as it did in French election and would certainly in US as well. The politics of the Democratic and Republican parties’ aside, the US is by far a more conservative country than France, indeed any western country with the exception of Ireland.

Even thought the French public has long been accustomed to the intimate extramarital forays of their presidents, their spouses and paramours, Sarkozy and his party was keen to postpone this announcement until well after the elections.


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On leaving Iraq

Posted by TP on Monday, October 15, 2007

It’s not going to happen. Why the US general public, for the most part, believes that a change in its leadership will facilitate a departure from Iraq I can understand. By and large, the US public are ignorant of their military footprint on the world and easily persuaded, as we all are, by politicians in a hope for something different. Why the free and independent US media also obsess with this fantasy, and therefore contribute to the miss-education of its citizens, we struggle to understand.

The obvious truth of the matter to anyone who has traveled abroad is that the US does not voluntarily leave a country or region it conquerers. They have not done so since its first major foray on the international stage with the Spanish-American war. Today nearly a half million U.S. troops are currently deployed around the globe. There are some 100,000 US troops in Europe where WWII and the cold war are a distant memory, another 100,000 remain East Asia (including the 40,000 each in Japan and South Korea), in addition to the 140,000 in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Indeed, the entire northern quarter of Kuwait (1,600 square miles out of Kuwait’s 6,900 square miles) remains under the control of US troops 16 years after they routed Iraq forces in the first gulf war.

Africa too has its share of US troops, but no where near the scale of other regions. That will change however as that continent increases its contribution of oil to the US and world economies. Any one looking for the US troops in Africa, need just follow the oil.


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Is France coming around to our side?

Posted by TP on Friday, October 12, 2007

I hear a different tone in the recently elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy on relations with the U.S. and its position in the world. Is this Frenchman cut from a different cloth? One that is resolved to the reality that France is not the most important country in the world, that English-not French- is the the most widely spoken language in the history of the world, that it was in fact the “ketchup and hot dog” loving Americans that saved them and their croissants from WWI, WWII, WWIII (a.k.a., the “cold” war) and South East Asia (yes, we actually got our start in Vietnam at their “invitation” to rescue over 5,000 French soldiers)? Or should we finally learn from our own history and resolve ourselves to be weary of flowery advances from foreign politicians and home grown courtesans, alike- regardless of how enticing it seams.

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Turkey re-elects governing party

Posted by TP on Monday, July 23, 2007

Supporters of Turkey’s governing AK Party are celebrating after the country’s prime minister claimed a comprehensive general election victory.

After 80+ years of moving its society “westerly” towards Europe and at least a decade of extending its solidly secular hand to the EU; only to be rejected by the EU’s short-sighted and provincial ruling class, Turkey is now clearly on an “easterly” path. If I may borrow from the New Testament – “forgive them father, for they (EU in general; France specifically) know not what they do”. You reap what you sow – prepare yourselves.

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