The American Crisis

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Who’s In Charge Here?

Posted by TP on Thursday, October 18, 2007

Without question, the only reason the US Congress is now in control by the Democratic Party was that they convinced the US public they would change the course in Iraq by 180 degrees – immediately. Of course they did just the opposite, approving instead the additional 30,000 troops that the President and his party were hesitant to push prior to the elections. The situation in Iraq now is now clearly improving. Since it has been the position of the President and his Party to “stay the course” and provide the local commanders with the support they need, the improving situation is good news for Republicans.

This of course doesn’t bode well for the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections, but it’s nothing a little more complication can’t change – or so they thought. The Democratic leaders are now openly squabbling about what actually happened in Armenia 100 years ago.

The open backbiting amongst the Democratic leadership over the scheduling of the US States’ primary elections resembles a bar room cat fight. Making matters worse, the new Democratic governor of the state of New York remains insistent upon providing the state’s automotive driver’s license to all illegal aliens. Driver’s licenses are also the primary form of identification used throughout the US. Under the proposed plan, declared those opposed, Osama bin Laden could obtain valid driver’s license in New York.

Fortunately, there are some good “political” news today to distract the US public from the dreadfulness of their politics. Stephen Colbert, a popular television celebrity and author with a penchant for pointing out the often juvenile acts of US politics, has joined the race for the White House. Judging by all the excitement, this diversion could not come at a better time for the Democrats.


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