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US Politics 101: The art of the misdirection

Posted by TP on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The art of the misdirection, or what to do when you wont deliver on what you promised. The “new” US Congress stormed into the nation’s capital on promises to the American public to focus on their priorities. Unfortunately, the “their” the new Democratic Congress was referring to was in fact themselves – not the US public or even the nation’s broader interests.

Case in point: In spite of the fact that singling out one horrible period in the history of Turkey, an essential US ally, only serves to derail US’s critical interests in the region and put their own troops at additional risk of harm, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party thought it politically advantageous to themselves to push a new resolution. This resolution declares, some 92 years after the fact, that the death of a million Armenians at the hands of what was then the Ottoman Empire was genocide. Suffice it to say, there is no benefit to Speaker Pelosi or any of her party’s presidential hopefuls for any measure of success or stability in that region until after the 2008 elections. Apparently, no option is “off the table” in her party’s efforts to perpetuate their own political ambitions.

What actually occurred nearly a century ago and its characterization we do not dispute. The timing of the resolution and the obvious and shameless disregard of the repercussions to their nation’s broader interests are no different than the genesis of the decisions that led up to the event Ms Pelosi is only today condemning.

What would Ms Pelosi’s reaction be if Canada were to pass a resolution calling the systematic displacement, confinement, starvation, rape and murder of the tens of millions of native American Indians at the hands of United States the largest genocide in the history of the world?


4 Responses to “US Politics 101: The art of the misdirection”

  1. Well, we certainly know Trump’s view on Rice & Jolie, think you could get a response from him on Pelosi?

  2. Michael P. said

    Apparently some Democratic members of Congress are coming to their senses … CNN: Speaker Pelosi hedges on genocide resolution vote.

  3. Michael P. said

    BTW…am I the only one that is surprised by this. Afterall, you know that the decision was thought out and discussed with dozens of politicaly savvy people. So how do they all get this so wrong?

  4. BimBeau said

    Anyone familiar with the role the Republicans have established for themselves since the early eighties knows what we’ve seen is only the beginning of obstructionism. It’s time to find a message crafter who can adapt the story to a reality understood by …

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