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An Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming

Posted by TP on Friday, October 12, 2007

Conventional thinking on recent ice ages – based on as they say “fossil evidence” – says that continent size ice sheets advance and retreat on 40,000- and 100,000-year time scales. Imagine, just some 18,000 years ago (a nanosecond in geological time) an ice sheet over a mile thick covered Manhattan Island. To visualize that, imagine that four Empire State Buildings stacked one on top of the other would still be covered in ice. So much water was held in ice at that time that it is estimated that global sea levels dropped by over 350 feet! To visualize that, stand on any beach on a clear day look out towards the sea as far as the horizon – that’s about 28 miles. You would need to see an additional 40 miles out to see the ocean!

That last glacial period ended about ten thousand years ago. World temperatures then increased so much that by 6000 years ago, lions roamed as far north as Northern Europe and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota resembled the dry hot savanna of today’s east Africa. Now that’s global warming!

As far as I know, loins today make their home in Africa not Europe, and Wisconsin is home to the holy Mecca of the National Football League, also know as “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field”. Since the worse ecological damage humans could do 10,000 years ago, say start a forest fire, could not heat the planet, the real inconvenient truth about climate change is that it will happen regardless of what anyone (or everyone) does. Climate change is as inevitable as old age. A wise man plans for the coming of his old age, rather than believing he can avoid it by buying the latest cure-all from some pan-handling preacher.


5 Responses to “An Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming”

  1. Marg Gesualdi said

    Oh really? Have you checked this year’s Noble Prize winner’s list?

  2. Marg Gesualdi said

    Oh really? Have you checked this year’s Noble Prize winner’s list?

  3. TP said

    As reported on cnn earlier this year, a climatologist in Seattle WA posted a paper exposing a flaw in a study published by his own department that purportedly provided the “clear evidence for global warming”. That study showed that snow fall in the mountains in and around Washington State had fallen by over 50% in the last 50 years. The flaw pointed out by the scientist was that the study didn’t just pick the “last 50 years” or even any 50 years, but rather it picked the year with the heaviest snow fall – sometime in the 1950’s and the year with the lightest snow fall -1998(?).

    The scientist pointed out that the study was clearly biased towards the result that it was looking to prove and that they could have easily picked another set of years and gotten the opposite results. Even so, he also pointed out that the average total snow fall over the same period of years cited in the study had actually increased! This obvious point, to anyone acquiring the data for scientific review, somehow was not mentioned by the study. Rather than correct the study, his department fired the climatologist. I am sure today he too has taken notice of this year’s Noble Prize winners.

  4. Marg Gesualdi said

    Or maybe he was fired for being deed wrong!

  5. BimBeau said

    As of now there is scant evidence how these geological climate swings work. There is no data with which to compare today’s warming cycle.
    Scientificly a natural cycle may not be dismissed.
    Considering the poisoned legal climate relative to environmental suits – it will be just as impossible to juridically assign blame for global warming.
    We are though free to believe that human activity is the cause of this warming cycle. That also presents its own slippery slope down which our culture may slide: replacing evidenciary hearings with belief systems.

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